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Valerie Beck set to hold book signing

Local artist and retired Lindsay High School art teacher – and now book illustrator – Valerie Beck, will hold a book signing on Thurs., Aug. 11 from 3:00 p.m. unti 7:00 p.m., according to Ms. Beck.
The book, “Doris and the Woolly Bully”, was written by Ms. Beck’s sister, Ellen Steding of Savannah, Georgis. Ms. Beck did the illustrations for the book.
“Doris and the Woolly Bully” is the story about Doris, a knock-kneed, cross-eyed, drooling giraffe, who is friends with everyone she meets, except Billy, the woolly bully bear. “Doris and the Woolly Bully” is the story of how Doris brought about a positive outcome for herself and innocent bystanders, and how that affected change in the bully.
The book signing will be held at The Silver Orchid, located at 303 W. Cherokee in Lindsay. Those who have questions may contact Ms. Beck at 405-756-7129.

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