News Notes

Pikes Peak Rural School Tours Available


The Pikes Peak Rural School Museum located in Erin Springs, holds memories for students and their families, according to Thelma Love.
There were many rural schools in Garvin County in the early to mid 1900s.
Today this School Museum is proudly representing those many rural schools.
The photos and original chalk board and desks offer history of those early days in education.
Stories of students and the families who lived in that Pikes Peak Community Southwest of Lindsay are told in the Pikes Peak History Book.
This pictorial history book is available at the Murray Lindsay Mansion and Pikes Peak School Museums. Books can also be purchased at some local businesses.
Tour guides and event planners are welcome to help plan fun activities and historical programs.
Operation of this museum is under the management and support of the Lindsay Community Historical Society. Donations are needed to help with repainting this 114-year-old historic school building.
Those who would like to further information to book a tour or an event may call 405-756-6502 or 405-919-6146.
Donations to help with the painting of the building may be mailed to the Lindsay Community Historical Society, P.O. Box 282, Lindsay, OK 73052.

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