News Notes

Mansion Museum is open on weekends

The Murray-Lindsay Mansion Museum in Erin Springs will be open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. during the summer months except on holidays. That’s the word from Thelma Love.
The public is invited to visit this historic museum and learn more about the history of Lindsay and Erin Springs. The third floor history room is filled with photos on all the walls and the table is loaded with articles about the early history.
Children can sit in the school desk drawing and writing. Books and toys of stagecoach days are ready for children. The tour guides will offer information of the personal families of the Murrays and Lindsays who lived in this three-story home until the early 1960s.
Tours and events may be scheduled for family or organization activities.
Both the Pikes Peak School Museum and the Murray-Lindsay Mansion Museum are available for tours any day of the week by appointment. Group tours need to be scheduled a week in advance.
Those who would like more information, or to book a tour, may call 405-756-6502 or 405-919-6146.

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