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Lindsay Library celebrating 50 years

The Lindsay Community Library Board of Directors would like to invite the citizens of Lindsay and surrounding communities to the 50th Anniversary celebration of the library at 112 W Choctaw, according to a board member. 
There will be an open house on Thursday, April 28th, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. with refreshments served.
On September 10, 1969, a resolution was passed by the library board to consider the purchase of the present site from a local investor and allowing a committee to be formed for raising funds for the renovation.  
Maurice Moore was the secretary and Richard E. Adams was the president of that library board. 
The library had been in service for over 12 years.  
It was in need of additional space to allow for continued growth and expansion.
The plans were then brought to the city council in February, 1970.  
A grand opening was performed in April, 1972, following the completion of transforming the building into the architectural design planned for the library. 
Dorras Carson was the director of the library at the time, followed by Rita Thornburg, Jan Blaylock and now Brenda Norrell.  T
hanks to the support of the community, city council, city managers, mayors and previous library board members, the library continues to thrive, keeping up with digital age, promoting literacy and providing innumerable other services.
The current library board members, Pam Urban, Kathy Riddle, Jan Blaylock and Sheryl Kochert, encourage everyone to come by and check out the library on Thursday, April 28th, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., celebrating 50 years at 112 W Choctaw, in Lindsay.

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