News Notes

Residents are encouraged to register storm shelters

The Garvin County Emergency Management team is requesting that all Garvin County residents register their storm shelters at the Garvin County Commisioner's Office, so that emergency responders can quickly get to any specific shelter site and offer assistance in the aftermath of a storm passing through their area. 
Emergency Managment is also encouraging people who don't have shelters to still register where they go and/or their plan of action in the event of a storm, according to Rhonda Moseley. 
Once the shelter is registered, it will be placed on a map of Garvin County that shows where all private shelters are located by GPS coordinates anywhere in the County. 
Case in point for the GPS coordinates, is when Bridge Creek storm literally wiped out the area, roads were not visible, much less where the storm shelters were. 
Now is the time to make a plan of action. Don't wait until it is too late.  
You can get the form needed to register by emailing or in person at 201 W. Grant in Pauls Valley. Simply fill it out and send it back via email, in person or by fax: 405-238-1139. 
Those needing further information may contact the Garvin County Commisioners Office at 405-238-2685.

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