News Notes

We’re 39!

Whew! Thirty-nine years . . . and one of ’em was COVID! Yep, the Shopper has been mailed to the homes . . . like it should be . . . for 39 years now – even throughout this crazy 2020 Covid year. This edition of the Shopper News Note begins our 40th year of publication. 

The first edition of the Shopper News Note came out THIRTY-NINE years ago TODAY – on Wed., Oct. 21, 1981. Publisher was Gary Smith, and Harriet Smith handled typesetting and bookkeeping. Gary’s sister, Ursula Pohl (deceased September, 2006), handled the ad designing, and the Smith’s daughter, Holly, helped with the mailing. It was, and still is, a family operation.  

Gary (deceased April, 2017) and Harriet (deceased March, 2019) turned the operation over to their daughter, Holly and her husband, William, in 2003. Also, Mona Taylor, AJ Byrum, Brianna Goodman, and Christen Collins help get the popular publication out to folks in Lindsay, Maysville, Bradley, Alex, and Dibble on schedule. 

The still-popular publication has the largest circulation of any weekly mailed publication in Oklahoma. Factual circulation information is growing more important almost daily and the Belknaps welcome every opportunity to compare circulation information with other publications. Besides serving the advertising needs of most of the area businesses, the Shopper also offers non-commercial want-ads called Shopper Toppers, News Notes of upcoming events of general interest, Business Briefs, Who’s Where in Uniform, and publish area obituaries. 

As has become customary, we’d like to thank those folks who came on board that first publication • Standridge Hardware and John Deere, Inc. • Geffre’s • Doil King’s Swap Shop Home Furnishings • Jean’s Shu Shack • Ursula Pohl’s Fuller Brush • Goodner’s Discount Foods • Henderson T.V. and Appliance • Freeman Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac • Vic Cacy Motor Co. • Lindsay Builder’s Supply • Ernie Philpott Realty, Inc. • Williamson’s • First National Bank.

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