Candidacy Bios

Candidacy Bios

Greg Henderson

My name is Greg Henderson, and I am asking for your support on running for City of Lindsay Council on April the 7th. I moved to Lindsay Oklahoma in 1997 from western Oklahoma to work in the oil field driving a transport, bought a house on west Choctaw and decided to stay in this community and more than likely I will some day retire here. I have been active in local government for several years now by voting on council members that I personally think would be best for our community. The last several months I have been attending every council meeting to get a better understanding of what exactly is going on in our community and a better understanding of local government. I truly believe at this time we have a very good Mayor, Vice Mayor, Council members and City Manager. As well as all the departments in our community, Police department, Fire department, Emergency medical services and all the other fine departments that make this great little city work. Lindsay is moving forward and some really great things are taking shape now and in the future, and this is why I’d like to be your representative down at City Hall. To join the great team we have now and positively keep our community in the right direction. I am available to discuss any issues or any ideas one may have at anytime, my number is 405-990-9423 I have also set up a tab on this page that you may send a message as well. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME APRIL 7TH!

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